Cabernet Sauvignon (South Africa)

Blueberry,Strawberry,Black Cherry.

Sangiovese Syrah (italy)

Blackberry, Current, Black Pepper

Shiraz (Australia)

Plum, Currant, Pepper

Zinfandel Shiraz (California)

Raspberry Jam, Cranberry, Pepper

Cabernet Merlot Garnacha(Spain)

Currants, Peppers, Blackberries

Malbec (Chile)

Cherry, Mint, Chocolate

Merlot (Chile)

Cedar, Earth ,Spice

Pinot Noir (Chile)

Toasted Vanilla, Rose Petals, Red Berries

Valpolicella Style (Italy)

Soft, Plum, Cherry

Cheeky Monkey




Green Apple Sauvignon Blanc

Tangy, Crisp, Green Apple

Mango Strawberry Moscato

Fragrant, Silky, Sun Ripened Fruit

Orchard Crisp Riesling

Peach, Apple, Pear

Peach Chardonnay

Ripe, Buttery, Sweet Fruit

Tropical Fruit Riesling

Pineapple, Mango, Kiwi

White Pear Pinot Grigio

Sweet Pears, Lemon, Floral

BluePom White Merlot

Red Berries, Blueberry, Tart Pomegranate

Sangria Zinfandel Blush


Strawberry WhiteZinfandel

Refreshing, Fruity Strawberry

Wildberry White Zinfandel

Raspberry, Blueberry, Blackbery

Black Cherry Piont Noir

Luscious, Red berries, Black cherry

Blackberry Malbec

Intense Fruit, Blackberrry,Slightly Bold

Raspberry Merlot

Smooth, Plump Berries, Blackberry

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Niagara Mist

Niagara MistTM combines popular wine varietals with sassy fruit flavours - delightfully light and refreshing,exciting combinations that are the perfect beverage choice for any occasion.

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Johanisberg Riesling

California Johannisberg Riesling is lighter and less exuberant than cooler climate Rieslings, but still reflects the bright citrus and ripe fruit character that mekes Riesling one of the more versatile white wines. Finished with a flavour Reserve to balance the wines's natural acidity and highlight the fruity notes of the wine.  An off-dry sensory impression.  Serve as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to most foods.  Works especially well with Asian dishes, fish, pork and chicken.  Let the wine rest at least 2-4 weeks after bottling.  Serve lightly chilled.  Usually enjoyed within 12 months.

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Wine Making in London


Cellar Craft uses virgin, varietal grapes to produce "Crushed Grape Packs" for true on-the-skins fermentation in its Sterling reds.  All of the natural skins and solids from variety-specific grapes are captured for extra extraction of aromatics, flavour, tannin, colour and body during the fermentation stage.  The finished wine shows character never before possible from a kit.  Truly a quality breakthrough!  Each red wine kit is in the 12 L format.

Sterling Kits

Pinot Grigio

California We have added just enough Yakima Pinot Gris to our California Pinot Grigio to elevate the aromatics and finish the wine to a level above the norm.  The nose has a pronounced, refreshing citrus character with a back note of juicy peach.  The mouth feel is crisp with citrus qualities and the overall sensation delightfully lingers through a good finish.  Begins to show harmony and balance after a few months and is usually consumed within a year.  Serve lightly chilled as an aperitif or with light chicken, fish or pork dishes.  Works well with most Asian foods.


California The 12 litre must pack contains California Chardonnay concentrate blended with flavourful Santa Barbara Chardonnay juice.  We have included 30 grams of toasted French oak with the kit;however , we suggest this as an optional additive.  The "naked" style focuses attention on the complex fruit character, making the wine more refreshing and versatile. Grapefruit, green apple, and pear aromatics dominate the nose.  The medium body is clean and crisp with flavours of apple and citrus, which continue through the wonderful finish.  The wine comes together in a couple of months and should be enjoyed within a year or so.  Serve lightly chilled on its own or with seafood, chicken, pork or vegetable dishes.  Best with foods that are not too heavily sauced.

Sauvignon Blanc 

Juice and concentrate from Lake County produces a fresh, crisp, medium-bodied wine restrained aromas of gooseberry and lime followed by refreshing, light flavours of fruit and a bracing core.  We suggest using the French oak as a optional additive.  An excellent wine for social sepping, with appetizers, chicken, and fish.  A classic parirng with soft goat cheese.  Chill and enjoy a couple of months after bottling.




Fermented on a 1.5 litre virgin crushed California Syrah grape pack, producing a complex wine which reveals notes of a red currant, black pepper, vanilla and toast--all wrapped together in a slightly earthy manner.  Age at least 6 months to enjoy the integrated flavour.  Will continue to develop fro at least a year or two and probably longer.  A great wine for hearty barbequed meats.

Pinot Noir

CaliforniaWe use 10.5 litres of California Pinot Noir Must( andan accent of Pinotage) fermented on a 1.5 litre virgin crushed California Pinot Nori Grape pack for this bright and fruity wine.  Expect to enjoy lively black cherry and cranberry aromas annd flavours against subtle spice and almond in the backgrournd . A few months of aging will subdue the oak and tannins to let the rruit shine and define the medium-legght finish.  May be cellared for a year or more.  The soft, light to medium-bodied wine may be lightly chilled and enjoyed as an aperitif, or serve with chicken, pork, or simple beef dishes.  Pairs well with Salmon.


California Merlot with 1.5 litre virgin crushed California Merlot grape pack.  The wine releases aromas of raspbery and cherry, and a subtle toasted note followed by flavours of raspberry and strawberry. Should show its true character in about 6 months, but will continue to develop for at least a year.  This soft red pairs with red meats and will wourk well with roast chicken.

Malbec Shiraz


This wine kit is a take on the wildly popular blend of Malbec & Shiraz first introduced from Argentina that is now a top selling brand in Canada.Type your paragraph here.

Grenache Syrah Mourvedre

We picked a classic mix of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre grapes in Gard, France, on the west side of the Rhone river, for the foundation of this example of Southern Rhone-style wine. Shows best with 6-12 months of aging. Pairs well with chicken, pork, and roasted vegetable dishes. With age, stands up well to grilled or roast beef.Type your paragraph here.

Cabernet Sauvignon 


Fermented on a 1.5 litre virgin crushed California Cabernet Sauvignon grape pack, this wine delivers a characteristically firm-tannin wine with loads of black fruitcharacter made more interesting by the vanilla notes from the oak.  The aromatics suggest blackberry and black currant. Six months of aging should reveal a harmonized wine.  This is a  wine to serve with beef and lamb.

Amarone Style

Includes Sun Dried Red Wine Grapes.

Uses an Italian Valpolicella blend made withCorvina, Rondinella, and Molinara grapes.  Fermented on a 1.5 litre virgin crushed grape pack made from equal portions of California Cabernet and Barbera grapes and sun-dried red wine grapes. A robust wine with and earthy aroma backed by notes of spice and vanilla.  Alcohol level above 14%.  Six months for short aging and 1-2 years for the best or flavours to come out.  Foods like game, sticky ribs, rich pasta or blue cheese. 

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Wine Should be enjoyed, Not analyzed.  That's why there's Cheeky Monkey TM, a fun wine with serious attitude.  This country of origin wine kit line makes its own rules creating great wine that's anything but traditional.  Your friends and family will go ape over these fun styles and blends from around the world.         So go ahead ....... Get Cheeky!

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Storing and Cellaring Your Wine                                                        

​​Wine asks for two things only, to be left lying quietly in a cool, dark place, and to be served slowly, giving it plenty of time and room to breathe the air. Although wine is very acceptable to drink at bottling time, it will continue to improve if allowed to further mature.  The ideal storage temperature for wine is between 13*C-15*C(45*F-58*F). Minimal exposure to light and movement or agitation will also assist in the aging process.  Bottles should be stored on their side so the cork stays moist, and you should always keep your wine away from odors, so the wine is not affected.

​​Syrah Rose (Argentina)

Fruity, Red Berries, Cherry

Gewurztraminer (Germany)

Peach, Apricot, Spice

Pinot Gris (Washington State)

Pear, White Peach, Pineapple


Citrus, Honey, Apricot

Chardonnay (Australia)

Unoaked, Pineapple, Tropical Fruit

GrunerVeltliner (Austria)

Apples, Minerals, Melon

Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa)

Guava, Pineapple, Herb