*All of the packages include taxes.

*Over 60 Custom Labels to choose from.

*All Custom Labels are $8.99/30

*Keep in mind that an Aged wine is a good wine.

Wedding Package 2

*Wedding Favors for your guests.

$229.37 includes (3.82 ea.)

60-375 ml green or clear bottles

60- Any coloured Shrink wrap cap

60  Custom Labels of your choice.

CustomWedding Packages available

Create Your Own QualityWine  

Unit 4   1332 Huron Street E.

       London, Ont.  n5v 2e2 




Tell us when you'd like to visit and we'll be here to give you a tour of our facility.  Making your own wine has never been as simple as this.  
Make sure you let us know if there's a special occasion.

Also visit www.vinecowine.com

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Wedding Package 1

$175.99 includes($5.86 ea.)

30 -750ml bottles (Clear or Green)

30  Shrink wrap tops

30 Custom Labels (Over 60 to choose from)

Storing and Cellaring Your Wine                                                        

​​Wine asks for two things only, to be left lying quietly in a cool, dark place, and to be served slowly, giving it plenty of time and room to breathe the air. Although wine is very acceptable to drink at bottling time, it will continue to improve if allowed to further mature.  The ideal storage temperature for wine is between 13*C-15*C(45*F-58*F). Minimal exposure to light and movement or agitation will also assist in the aging process.  Bottles should be stored on their side so the cork stays moist, and you should always keep your wine away from odors, so the wine is not affected.